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[IMG]A very large solar array.jpg2016-11-19 19:47 13M 
[IMG]A view from above.jpg2016-11-19 19:47 13M 
[IMG]A view from above during construction.jpg2016-11-19 19:47 11M 
[IMG]Construction in process.jpg2016-11-19 19:42 125K 
[IMG]Construction technology.jpg2016-11-19 19:42 136K 
[IMG]Driving Posts 01.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 4.7M 
[IMG]Driving Posts 02.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 5.2M 
[IMG]Driving Posts at Night 01.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 4.8M 
[IMG]Driving posts at night 02.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 4.8M 
[IMG]FEC Office.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 2.0M 
[IMG]FEC Truck.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 1.5M 
[IMG]Iowa Wind and Solar Mascot - Dog.jpg2016-11-19 19:42 92K 
[IMG]Kalona, Iowa.jpg2016-11-19 19:42 85K 
[IMG]Modules (panels) being installed.jpg2016-11-19 19:47 13M 
[IMG]Nic Hardcastle working on the project.jpg2016-11-19 19:47 11M 
[IMG]Night view of solar field.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 4.7M 
[IMG]Posts being driven for solar racking.jpg2016-11-19 19:42 69K 
[IMG]Present of Iowa Wind and Solar, Tyler Anderson.jpg2016-11-19 19:42 137K 
[IMG]Site of New Array.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 5.7M 
[IMG]Solar Trackers outside of FEC Office.JPG2016-11-19 19:42 2.1M 
[IMG]Vice President of Iowa Wind and Solar, David Birchmier watching the live stream of the install.jpg2016-11-19 19:42 37K 
[IMG]construction begins.jpeg2016-11-19 19:47 270K 
[IMG]tyler surveying site.jpeg2016-11-19 19:47 302K 

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